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Advantages of financing

100% online financing with immediate response

Increases sales volume and average ticket sales

Offer your customers maximum flexibility 

Clearance in 24 hours for 4xcard and in 48 hours for 6x12x24

How Cofidis installment payments work?

Step 1

Add products to the shopping cart

Step 2

When selecting the payment method, choose 4xCard or Cofidis Pay 6x12x24x

Step 3

Choose your terms, complete the online finance application with your details and get an immediate response

Step 4

Pay for your purchases in easy installments

With 4xCard, the customer can finance his purchase in 4 monthly installments/ 90 days through his credit card.

  • For purchases from 75 € to 1.000 €.
  • Only with the identity card and the cardholder’s card.
  • Immediate response when purchasing online
  • Settlement in 24 hours

With Cofidis Pay, customers can finance their purchase in up to 50 monthly installments by direct debit.

  • For purchases from 75 € to 3.000 €.
  • Only with an identity document and a bank proof of ownership.
  • Immediate response when purchasing online
  • 48-hour settlement

Easy, quick and secure deferred payments

Cofidis is a benchmark with more than 30 years of experience offering financing solutions with more than 26,000 merchant partners. The most economical online financing solution on the market, as confirmed by the latest satisfaction surveys:


  • 98% of customers are satisfied with the 4xCard product.
  • 98% would use 6x12x24x Cofidis Pay again for future purchases.
  • 44% of customers would have postponed the purchase if they had not had 4xCard.

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