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More than a payment gateway

Manage your online payments
Manage your online payments

With Paylands you can start receiving payments in your business from anywhere in the world. Our solutions are designed to improve your conversion and offer your customers an efficient and secure payment experience.

Virtual POS
Customize your payment experience
Customize your payment experience

Our service is tailored to the needs of each client. Paylands allows you to offer your customers fully customized and secure payment experiences that will help you increase your online sales.

Virtual POS
Pay by link
Pay by link

Start selling online with just a link. The Pay by link solution allows you to create a simple and functional payment page, which you can share with your customers through any channel (SMS, social networks, email). A fully customizable alternative that will allow you to start selling right away.

Pay by Link
Your payment solution for ecommerce
Your payment solution for ecommerce

Paylands is the perfect payment gateway for eCommerce online stores that need to charge their customers with total security and convenience.

Whether your business is large or small, we offer the most innovative payment collection tools and the best customer service.


All payment types, on a single platform

Discover all the unique payment options you need to get the most out of your online transactions

Payment methods

Our payment gateway integrates the most used payment methods.

Use cases
< Small business />
Payment solution for small business

Whether you are a small business or a start-up, with Paylands you can find the payment solution that best suits your needs. Our goal is to make the payment process simple and fast from any device.

Small business
< ecommerce />
Payment solutions for ecommerce

Paylands is the perfect payment gateway for ecommerce online stores that need to charge their customers with total security and convenience.

No matter if your company is big or small, at Paylands you will find the most innovative payment collection tools and the best customer service.

< Hotels />
Payment solution for hoteles

Paylands has specific payment solutions for hotels. Thanks to our experience in the sector and the large number of connections with the most important PMS, Channel Managers and Booking Engines, we can offer an optimized service for the hotel sector.

We also offer the PROXY PCI service for hotels that cannot store cards.

< Marketplaces />
Payment solution for marketplaces

The payment needs of marketplaces are specific and complex, fortunately in Paylands we have a payment platform specialized in this sector that provides a payment split and an optimized payin and payout system.

Discover the perfect payment platform for your marketplace.

< Restaurants />
Payment solutions for restaurants

With Paylands you will have at your fingertips the payment solutions you need for your hospitality business. Payments with POS, by QR, or Tap to Pay are just a few examples.

Whether you have a restaurant, cafe or any other hospitality establishment, at Paylands you will have access to the most innovative payment tools and excellent customer service.



Paylands is the perfect solution to integrate into your ecommerce whatever your platform is. We have the most used plugins on the market.

Our numbers

Since 2011 we have been creating innovative payment solutions and serving companies of all sizes and sectors. We work every day to offer products that solve problems and guarantee maximum security, which is why our figures confirm the satisfaction of our customers and endorse our experience.

<strong>+</strong> 100 <strong>M</strong>
+ 100 M

< Transactions >

<strong>+</strong> 6.500 <strong>M€</strong>
+ 6.500 M€
<strong>+</strong> 34
+ 34

< Countries >

<strong>+</strong> 20
+ 20

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