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Recover abandoned carts easily:

Email campaigns
Voice campaigns
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Plugins for e-commerce

Paylands is the ideal solution to integrate into your ecommerce. We have the most used plugins on the market. 

Accept all types of payments

The more payment options you offer your customers to make purchases, the more they will buy. Tailoring your business payment methods to your customers preferences is critical to providing an ideal checkout experience and will help increase your sales.

Control your business in real time

With the Paylands control panel you will be able to confirm your payments in real time and receive confirmation from your ecommerce platform. In addition, with the Business Intelligence reporting system you will be able to monitor the most important metrics for your business and generate customized reports and analyze the behavior of your customers to maximize your sales and reduce risks.

Customized payment gateway

Our payment gateway also allows you to customize the user’s checkout experience with your own branding, creating a greater sense of trust. In addition, the in-page checkout form will increase trust and reduce the number of abandoned carts.


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