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Payment solutions for freelancers and small business

If you are freelance or have a small business, Tap to Pay by Paylands is the solution you needed to say goodbye to the traditional physhical POS.

It works very simply: open the app on your mobile, enter the amount of the transaction and the customer will only have to bring their mobile or credit card close to your phone and complete the payment.

Why accept mobile payments?

Regardless of how you work on a day-to-day basis, working with a physical POS can always be a problem: whether it’s a battery problem, running out of paper or failing at a key moment.

Avoid these problems by using a device you already own and carry with you: use your mobile phone as a POS and accept payments now.

Start getting paid with total flexibility, speed and convenience.

Advantages of using Tap to Pay by Paylands

Easier than any other method

Log in to the app, enter the amount, bring your mobile or card and you’re done!

Everywhere you go

We turn your phone into a card reader so you have everything at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Control your business in real time

You will be able to manage your sales, control your risk, users, movements and much more.


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