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Advantages of Click to Pay

A better online payment experience without friction.

A totally safe alternative, based on international standards

Increase approval rates and reduce fraud in your business

Offer faster and smarter payment systems to your customers

Online payments in just one click

Click to Pay is the alternative you need to improve your customers’ payment experience and offer them a secure, fast and frictionless payment method.

A solution that simplifies the online payment process by eliminating the need for consumers to manually enter their card details every time they want to make an online purchase or remember additional passwords.

How Click to Pay works?


Add products to your shopping cart


Identify the Click to Pay icon in the merchant's checkout


Choose which of the stored cards you want to use to make the purchase


Confirm payment to complete the process

A frictionless payment experience

With Click to Pay you will offer your customers a better online payment experience, thanks to a totally secure system that completely avoids friction. 

Your customers will no longer have to enter their personal data and card number every time they want to make a purchase. With Click to Pay, they will only have to enter them the first time and then, they will only have to select the card they want to pay with and that’s it!

Available for Visa and Mastercard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is Click to Pay and how does it work?

Click to Pay is an online payment solution that allows customers to make transactions quickly and securely with just a few clicks. It works by allowing users to securely store their payment information and use it to make online purchases conveniently without having to enter their card details every time they make a purchase.

What are the benefits of using Click to Pay?

The benefits of using Click to Pay include:

  1. a frictionless shopping experience for customers
  2. a higher conversion rate for merchants
  3. increased transaction security thanks to data encryption
  4. the ability to make online purchases quickly from any device
Which cards are compatible with Click to Pay?

Click to Pay is compatible with Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards.

Is Click to Pay exclusive for online payments?

Yes, this innovative online payment option offers secure technology from both Visa and Mastercard for digital transactions, ensuring that your customers experience the same confidence and security when paying online as they do in physical stores.

Is it safe to use Click to Pay for online purchases?

Yes, Click to Pay uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect customer payment information and ensure secure transactions.

Can I pay using Click to Pay from my mobile phone?

Yes, you can click to pay with your cards on internet-connected mobile devices when you see the Click to Pay icon.