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How can deferred payments help you?

How can deferred payments help you

Simplify payments, ensure customer satisfaction and increase your revenue

Deferred payments represent a financial solution that offers benefits for both merchants and customers. By allowing customers to make purchases and spread payment over convenient instalments, the purchasing process is simplified, creating a more convenient and satisfying experience.

For all types of businesses

Businesses of all sizes

From SMEs to marketplaces and ecommerce, large or small.

Adaptable to all types of industries

From fashion, hotels, food, household appliances and travel, our service adapts to your needs.

Whatever the amount

Offer your customers the option to pay in instalments, whether it’s for purchases of goods or services.

How deferred payments work


First, simply add all the items you want to your cart, as you would in any ecommerce.

Select payment method

Once you are at the checkout, choose the "Deferred Payments" option when selecting your payment method.

Choose your plan

Select the payment plan that best suits your needs. Customise your payment instalments, complete the online finance application with your details and receive an instant response.

Pay in instalments

Enjoy the flexibility of deferred payments and decide when you want to pay.

Advantages of deferred payments

Fully online financing with instant response.
Increase your sales volume and average amount.
Offer your customers maximum flexibility and convenience.

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