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Payment solution specialized in marketplaces

At Paylands we have created a payment solution specialized in marketplaces to simplify processes and guarantee an efficient and fast payment splitting.

Payment splits

Split payments between merchants in an automatic and secure way.

Pay-in y pay-out

The payments will reach their destination in a very short time and with total security. 


We carry out KYC (Know Your Costumer) verification quickly, efficiently and securely.

Payments experts

With more than 11 years of experience in the payment industry, we know well the complexity of marketplaces. We are the perfect partner to achieve an efficient payment flow and guarantee the highest security for merchants and customers.

Through Paylands API rest you will be able to divide payments and calculate commissions automatically. With the best security tools on the market and complying with PSD2 regulations, thanks to our escrow accounts.

Safety guarantees

At Paylands, security is a priority, that is why we have designed an anti-fraud system that does not affect the user experience and offers all the security guarantees.

We also offer an agile KYC service to comply with banking and money laundering regulations and at the same time make the process as quick and easy as possible for our clients.

Automate cash flows

Paylands API rest will allow you to manage money flows in an automated way, keeping control in real time and with all the security guarantees. In addition, thanks to our escrow account service, we will make it easier for you to comply with regulations, such as the European payment directive PSD2.


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