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Payments in 27 countries

In 2020 we obtained the Payment Institution Licence from the Bank of Spain and a few months later the EU passport to be able to offer the acquiring service to all the countries of the European Union. Both certifications are further proof that PaynoPain operates in accordance with the requirements established by the Bank of Spain, one of the most demanding guidelines in the world, thus guaranteeing the security of its customers’ transactions and funds.

Certifications and security

We are PCI-DSS

In addition, PaynoPain is PCI DSS Level 1 and ISO 27001 certified, highlighting its commitment to information security and the protection of our customers’ data. These rigorous standards ensure that PaynoPain’s processes and systems comply with the highest levels of security and confidentiality, providing peace of mind to its users in every transaction.

Our track record in online payment methods

We have been contributing to the growth and development of our clients for more than 13 years.

More than 800 businesses already rely on our services
At Paylands we processed more than 1 billion euros per year
More than 40 people working to make payments easier

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