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Accept payments quickly and securely in your restaurant with Tap to Pay!

Accept payments with Tap to Pay

Accept payments with Tap to Pay

Accept contactless payments in your restaurant with Tap to Pay by Paylands. Transform your phone into a dataphone and offer a fast, convenient and efficient payment experience. Forget about traditional payment pads, paper tickets and running out of battery at the worst moment.

With Tap to Pay, your diners can make transactions simply by bringing their credit cards or mobile devices close to the payment terminal, without the need to insert or swipe the card.

This innovative solution not only streamlines the payment process, but also ensures transaction security, as card data remains protected at all times.

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Simplify the payment process in your restaurant even more with QR code payments!

Accept qr code payments

Accept qr code payments

With our QR code payment solution, your customers can make quick, contactless transactions by simply scanning a QR code with their smartphones. This innovative payment method is perfect for streamlining service in your restaurant and providing a frictionless experience for your diners.

In addition, QR code payments are secure and easy to manage, allowing you to optimize the operational efficiency of your business.

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Looking for a physical payment solution for your hospitality business?

Physical POS for hospitality

Physical POS for hospitality

Our physical POS terminals for the hospitality industry are the ideal choice to streamline the payment process in your restaurant. With a robust design and functionalities adapted to the needs of your business, our POS terminal allows you to accept card payments efficiently and securely.

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Advantages of digitizing payments in restaurants

Reduce waiting times

It speeds up the payment process, reducing waiting times at the cash desk and facilitating the rotation of tables.

Fewer errors

Reduces the inherent risk of human error in cash handling, ensuring greater accuracy in transactions.

Tokenisation and security

Your transactions and customer information will be protected with advanced security measures.

Facilitates financial management

Easily access comprehensive transaction records and financial reports, facilitating bank and tax reconciliation.

Improves customer experience

Offering digital payment options meets customer expectations, providing a fast and secure way to pay.

Encourage customer loyalty

You will be able to offer fully personalised rewards programmes and promotions to your diners.

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