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The payment gateway that adapts to your business

Our payment solution solves the most common problems of debt collection companies:


Achieve more efficient and timely credit delivery through automation.


Get the best conversion rate with our customized payment gateway.

Fraud and chargebacks

We help you prevent fraud and avoid chargebacks as much as possible.

Unlimited collection attempts

We help you recover your money.

A single integrated platform for all payment and collection operations

Collection solution for microcredits

Achieve an exceptional user experience by fully integrating payment flows  all within your own platform, with full control and maximum security.

You will also be able to avoid fraud to the maximum through our anti-fraud system, which allows you to identify dangerous operations and establish rules of action to guarantee the security of your business.

With Paylands it is also possible to set up an automated delivery of credits to the user, thanks to our virtual POS service and payment accounts.

Multiple collection channels


Card payments through the web, in an automated way by connecting to our API, or through our Javascript SDK.


Manual collections through the control panel, to registered users and even new users without previous payment data.


Charging through personalized emails, creating automated campaigns for different groups of users.


Charging through SMS campaigns to different groups of users.


Collection by telephone calls through your Call Center. The payment process will be carried out by a machine through a recorded voice recording.


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