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Why choose Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a payment alternative for iOS users to pay for online and offline purchases quickly, easily and securely. 

On the iPhone and Apple Watch, Apple Pay works with the NFC chip, allowing you to pay with any card reader that supports contactless payments. You can also shop at ecommerce and other online shops by identifying yourself with Face ID or Touch ID.

More than 500 million users worldwide use Apple Pay on a daily basis.

Benefits of accepting Apple Pay

Payment alternative

Faster, easier and more convenient than using cards or cash. Just use your mobile phone.


Transaction approval with facial recognition, Touch ID or code.



All types of payments in-store, online, apps, subscriptions and more.

How does Apple Pay work for customers?


Add a credit, debit or prepaid card to the Wallet app on your iPhone.


Open the Apple Pay app on your iPhone or Apple watch.


Bring your mobile device close to the physical POS or scan the qr-code.


That's it! You will receive a notification that your payment has been completed.

Online payments with Apple Pay

Paying with Apple Pay in online shops is easy.

Add a credit, debit or prepaid card to the wallet app on your iPhone. You can also do it on your other Apple devices like your Apple Watch, Mac or iPad. Each time you want to pay with Apple Pay, you simply confirm your identity with Face ID or Touch ID and you’re ready to pay.



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