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How do QR code payments work?

Step 1. Create a payment QR

Start creating a payment QR code quickly and easily. Create a payment form with your branding, add the order details and you’re done!

Step 2. Share it with your customers

Once you have created the payment QR, you can use it in any medium. Share the QR code with your customers through any advertising material and any communication channel.

Step 3. Start receiving payments

Once the customer scans the QR code with his cell phone, he will be redirected to the payment card of your business and will only have to enter his data, select the payment method and complete the order. 

Why use QR payments?

Multichannel collections: social networks, SMS, email.
Contactless payments: fast and easy.
Sell without a website or app.

Quick and easy in-store collections

QR codes for contactless payments

If you have a physical store with Paylands you can easily accept payments in person without any contact.

You will not need to integrate any new device, software or additional card reader in your business. QR codes are easy to use, both for the seller who generates it and for the customer, who will only have to scan it through his smartphone. Simple, fast and easy!

Payment methods

Our payment gateway integrates the most used payment methods.

Payments with QR without the need of having an online store

If you do not have an online store or an app where your customers can make their purchases, the QR payment solution is ideal for you.  You can create payment codes for promotions or products easily and you can distribute them to your customers through multiple communication channels such as email or social networks, or physical formats such as flyers or posters.



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