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How Payment links work

Step 1. Create a custom link

Start creating a fully customized payment link so you can get paid by your customers in just a few clicks. In addition, you can create a fully branded payment form to your liking, or create multiple templates for different occasions.

Step 2. Share it with your customers

Copy the link you have created and spread it to your customers. You can send it through all your communication channels: from Whatsapp, social networks like Instagram or Tiktok, to email or SMS.

Step 3. Start receiving payments

Once the customer receives the link, when they open it, they will see the payment form with your brand and will be able to enter their data, select the payment method and complete the order. In addition, you will be able to view all the payments received in our Paylands panel. Monitor all transactions in real time from the panel.

Ideal for small businesses

Payment links are an ideal alternative if you are an entrepreneur or have a small business and want to easily start accepting payments from your customers. If your business is starting to grow on social networks or if you communicate with your customers via Whatsapp, you will be able to send these links to your customers quickly and easily.

Start selling more and grow your business.


Sell without a website or an app.
Multichannel collections: social networks, SMS, email.
Complies with PSD2 - SCA

A fully customizable payment card

To offer our customers the best user experience, we offer the possibility to customize the payment form 100%. Manage the user experience during the payment process without limit, without the user perceiving that he/she is leaving your brand environment.

The e-mails and SMS launched from our platform are also 100% customizable.

Payment methods

Our payment gateway integrates the most used payment methods.

Increase your online sales

Payment link

Create a link so that your customers can pay for their orders easily.

Multiple channels

Share this link through your social networks, by SMS or e-mail.

Payment method

Create links to pay with your preferred payment method: card, Bizum, transfer, etc.


Simple, fast and flexible

Asolution that allows you to sell without having a website or an app. You can create your payment link in less than a minute, without the need for complicated integrations and coding.

Fully customizable

You can create fully customized payment forms with the look & feel of your brand and adapt them to the needs of your campaign. Ideal for sales, Black Friday, Christmas, etc

Maximum security

We guarantee compliance with the European PSD2 standard and have been complying with the international PCI-DSS level 1 standard for more than 11 years.

Increase your sales

Start accepting payments from your customers through payment links, increase your revenue and improve your customers' payment experience.

Sell more internationally

With our Pay by Link solution, you can start selling internationally and increase your profits, as we support payments in more than 35 countries.


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