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Does your hotel need to be PCI-DSS compliant?

It can be really complicated for a hotel to comply with the strict requirements of the PCI-DSS regulation. OTAs and Channel Managers send card data to the hotel in clear and PMSs may not be willing to integrate with different payment gateways or PCI service providers.

To solve this, we have created the PROXY PCI service, designed to intervene in the communication process between OTA or Channel Manager and PMS, encrypting and storing sensitive data so that the hotel complies with PCI regulations very easily. In addition, it allows you to choose manual or automated charging according to the hotel’s needs.
Are you a PMS with PCI-DSS requirements?

If you are a PMS and need PCI compliance or a system to automate payments, our solution is for you.

Our PROXY PCI service allows you to download Channel Manager bookings with the cards already tokenized, so that all that remains is to validate, charge or reserve the balance, without contact with sensitive data and in online and face-to-face operations.
Are you a PCI-DSS compliant Booking Engine?

Our PCI Proxy can help you comply with the regulations and also facilitate the sending of card data to the Channels or PMSs.

In addition, we help you capture card data in the booking engine, during the booking, without the need for a transaction, eliminating cardholder verification processes. This functionality helps in the conversion of the booking by not adding new steps.




Connect with multiple acquirers and processors. Optimize the financial management.

Added Value

Simplifies the processes of collection, payment and consumption in the hotel.


Optimizes collection processes to dedicate more time to the guest and less to administration.

Unified charges

Virtual POS

We provide you with a 100% integrable virtual solution, regardless of the booking engine you use.

Physical POS

Installation in any system. We have Android POS that allow the development of customized applications.

Centralized management of your payment information

Manage all operations with Paylands

Manage payments and collections from a single place with a single API. All the information you need from all your sales channels with a single integration.

A single payment platform for your physical, virtual and telephone channel is possible. Now it’s easier to have full control over your business figures and focus on improving your sales.

Payment methods

Our payment gateway integrates the most used payment methods.


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