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What Paylands can do for your debt collection business as a specialised payment gateway

27 de January de 2023

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Recovery companies are those that manage collections that are not received on time and intermediate between the creditor companies and the customers who are in debt. Getting such payments made successfully is a task that requires a great effort in social management and an important strategic vision, and nowadays it is also necessary to have a technology that facilitates this work as much as possible. Such as the Paylands payment gateway specialising in debt collection.

The success of a debt collection company is largely determined by the completeness of the technology implemented and the degree of automation it allows. And in order to successfully carry out collections, it will be necessary that the payment gateway implemented also meets these requirements and also has different collection tools that allow different types of approach depending on each case.

How can a specialised payment gateway help your debt collection company?

A collection tool for each case

From a direct telephone approach to sending e-mails or SMS are ways of collecting, and your payment gateway should provide you with all possible ways.

IVR technology allows a personal and direct approach by telephone, passing the communication to a robot when it is time to collect the payment data and thus comply with the regulations. MoTo payment technology allows payment links to be sent via e-mail, SMS or any other means, as it is possible to share the payment link directly via any channel and take the customer directly to the payment card in a single click.


Card tokenisation

This is the easiest way to convert a customer’s payment details into a completely unbreakable code and to be able to charge them regularly in a completely secure and compliant way.

The tokens (the alphanumeric codes obtained with card tokenisation) can be exported to other software, connecting the payment gateway with them, to use them with the internal algorithms of each company and launch all the collections required.


Scheduling of collections

Of course, a fundamental tool in a payment gateway when it comes to launching collections on a regular basis is the subscription or scheduling of collections. This allows you to establish the day, time of the month, repetitions, number of attempts before cancellation… of the collections that are launched.

And all these tools must be included in an agile and easy to use interface, because, as we have seen, in the recovery sector, technology must facilitate the work as much as possible and not make it more complicated.

Our Paylands payment gateway has all these tools and features and many more, which is why we specialise in the debt collection sector and many companies work with us.

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