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Users’ top 5 favourite payment methods

21 de February de 2023

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At the end of 2022, PaynoPain, as fintech specialists in payment methods, launched a survey on “New habits in payment methods in Spain” and one of the main data we extracted is that 77.4% of consumers want to be offered different payment options when they make a purchase.

Today we tell you which are the favourite payment methods of users to make their purchases, both in online and physical shops, so that you can analyse which payment methods you are interested in integrating in your business.


Card payments

The card is the payment method par excellence when making online purchases, and this is the opinion of 9 out of 10 users. According to the results of the survey, there is a clear preference among consumers to choose a bank card both for online purchases, with 92% of users, and in physical shops, with 96%.

To ensure a simple and fast payment process from any device, it is essential to have a tool like Paylands, a comprehensive omni-channel payment gateway that provides an adaptable, secure and fast interface for the best user experience. In addition, Paylands’ DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) offers customers the possibility to pay in any international currency and with different payment methods and terms.


Payments with Bizum

A quarter of respondents prefer to pay with Bizum when shopping online. 88.4% of users use their mobile phone to buy products or services online, which places Bizum among the main preferred options for users with more than 22 million users throughout Spain. In addition, more than 42,000 online merchants already accept Bizum as a payment method. If you want to become one of those businesses, through the Paylands payment platform, you can add this payment option for your customers.

Bizum ranks third when it comes to in-store purchases.


Paypal payments

When it comes to boosting your commerce, a fundamental step is to choose the payment methods to offer the options that best suit your customers. Although it is common to go with large, well-known providers such as PayPal or Stripe, these are not always the best options, due to high fees. However, platforms such as Paylands offer very low fees and fully customised services with the aim of maximising profit for merchants, as well as doing so through a platform with a secure system and up-to-date technology.

In contrast, PayPal is among the least used payment methods for in-store purchases.


Wallet payments

Electronic purses or wallets were the preferred option for 15% of those surveyed. This is an alternative that allows payments to be made in shops, via the internet or from an app in a simple, fast and very convenient way, as they securely store users’ card details and users no longer need to carry it with them. It is enough to have a device such as a mobile phone or a smart watch, for example, to make the payment. Among the most popular options are Google Pay or Apple Pay, but there are also other options such as CHANGEiT , a white label application that concentrates various payment functionalities, money transfers, POS application and even loyalty programmes.

Wallets also play an important role in physical purchases, becoming the second preferred method for customers, after bank cards.


Bank transfer payments

Payments by bank transfer are in fifth place according to user preferences. Although in Spain it is not one of the users’ favourite payment methods, in other European countries it is much more common. For example, in Germany 55% of users prefer to pay for their online purchases by bank transfer, followed by wallets with 25% and in third place cards with 10%. Recently, PaynoPain added the option to pay by instant bank transfer through Qori. Through this method, customers can purchase goods or services for higher amounts by eliminating the transaction limit supported by a bank card, making it an ideal alternative for large purchases.



In summary, in terms of users’ favourite payment methods, 9 out of 10 users choose to use a card for online purchases, although Bizum (26%), PayPal (19%), wallet (15%), cash on delivery (3%) and bank transfer (3%) are also among the most popular options. Cards were also the most popular choice when shopping in-store (95%), while wallets were a second choice (16%) and Bizum came third, attracting 7% of respondents. This translates as a strong commitment by users to technology when shopping both online and in-store.

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