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How to integrate Bizum into your online shop’s payment methods

27 de January de 2023

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There are few people left who have not heard of Bizum, an app for sending money between individuals promoted by Spanish banks in 2016 and which has experienced an unprecedented boom in 2020, closing the year with 13.6 million users thanks to the addition of 20,100 new customers a day. Undoubtedly, these are striking figures for any online business and, fortunately, it is now possible to use Bizum as a payment method in your online shop.

Integrating Bizum as an alternative payment method to credit and debit cards and bank transfers in an online shop has several advantages, such as providing a trusted alternative that consumers already know and offering a fast and convenient payment process. And doing so is much simpler than it might seem.


5 steps to offer Bizum as a payment method and its advantages

Paylands, the payment platform created by the Spanish fintech PaynoPain, has integrated different alternative payment methods, in addition to the classic ones: cryptocurrencies, Sofort, Ideal… and now it also has Bizum.

These are the steps to follow and all the advantages of integrating Bizum through Paylands in your online shop:

  1. Write to us via the form below explaining what your business is about and which payment methods you would like to integrate in addition to our payment gateway in your online shop.
  2. Once the conditions have been agreed and through a single contract, you will be able to use Bizum and all the payment methods you consider interesting for your website.
  3. Integrate Paylands and all the chosen payment methods in your online shop through a single API, in the quickest and easiest way.
  4. Once you have carried out all the tests you consider necessary, you will be able to start charging your customers with Bizum without any further complications.
  5. You will receive in your bank account all the payments from your customers in a single settlement, both Bizum and those made through cards.

With Paylands it is that easy to offer your customers all their favourite payment methods. Don’t hesitate and write to us explaining your needs and our sales team will send you a personalised proposal with no obligation:






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    Paylands es una pasarela de pagos integral y omnicanal que ofrece a nuestros clientes una interfaz adaptable, segura y rápida. Nuestro objetivo es garantizar una experiencia de usuario ágil e intuitiva, para que el proceso de pago sea sencillo y rápido desde cualquier dispositivo.

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