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Keys to reduce chargebacks in your online business

27 de January de 2023

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Chargebacks are one of the worst fears of any online business manager. Unlike refunds, chargebacks are executed directly by the financial institution, forcing the refund of the amount to the customer, instead of the seller himself by mutual agreement as in the case of refunds. This situation occurs, in most cases, when the customer does not recognize the purchase as his own (fraud) or when the order arrives late or in poor condition.

In cases where there is no fraud, there are some very simple but effective changes that will help you reduce chargebacks in your online business:

– Return policy: Clearly and visually offer refunds to customers who are not satisfied with their purchase, so they will contact your online business before initiating a chargeback.

– Legal name on transactions: make sure that the description of the charge that appears on the customer’s account does not leave room for error about the website where the purchase was made, to avoid chargebacks for not recognizing the purchase as their own.

– Confirmation of receipt: it is very important that the customer signs the receipt when he receives the package, so that he cannot deny having received it and, above all, that you keep a copy.

– Customer service: if you provide fast, efficient and friendly service to your customers, you will always be able to settle disputes and prevent the customer from making a chargeback.

Focusing now on fraud chargeback cases, which are usually the largest and therefore the most problematic, we are going to look at some specific security keys that will help you to avoid them as much as possible:

– 3D Secure: this security measure is very efficient to avoid fraud, with double identity verification via cell phone you will be able to avoid many fraudulent purchases and, consequently, chargebacks. So make sure that your payment gateway offers this service.

– Intelligent anti-fraud system: with this type of technology you will be able to set parameters in case suspicious activity is detected in your online business and automatically block potentially fraudulent purchases. This feature should also be integrated into your payment gateway.

– Black and white lists: and if your online business has regular customers, as is the case of gambling, establishing black and white lists of customers will facilitate payment for those you trust the most and complicate it for those who have had suspicious attitudes on your site previously.

Some of these keys you can easily carry out on your own and others you will have to demand from your online payment provider. Paylands complies with all these security measures, minimizing the risk of fraud and, therefore, of chargebacks to our customers. Want to know more? Contact us here.


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