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Paylands’ new PCI-PROXY service for hotels

27 de January de 2023

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It is a real challenge for hotels to comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). This stringent standard ensures that customers’ personal and financial data is secure. It is essential when handling sensitive data such as credit cards.

With Paylands we help you to comply with this standard, as we have created a new technology that also allows you to avoid fraud.

In order to comply with PCI compliance in a convenient and efficient way, hotels and therefore management systems use payment platforms such as Paylands by PaynoPain. This service we offer is already used by various PMS (Hotel Management Software) booking engines to comply with this demanding regulation.

Formalise PCI without integration and in a fast way.

We offer hotels a protection system for bank cards that does not require any type of integration, together with significant cost savings, thus facilitating compliance with PCI regulations through our PCI-PROXY service.

With this service, any Channel Manager or PMS will be able to comply with PCI regulations, thus protecting the payment and personal data of its customers and avoiding possible fraud attempts without carrying out any management to implement the service.

In this way, this online payment method radically reduces the possibility of being defrauded, while at the same time increasing the hotel’s productivity. It eliminates all contact of the hotel staff with the financial data and also avoids the manual payment process through the dataphone.

Eliminate fraud in your hotel and increase your sales.

With this payment system, not only do we facilitate the customer experience, the company also benefits thanks to the card tokenisation system, which makes it easier to check security data before executing the reservation, thus verifying whether the card could have been stolen or has insufficient balance. In this way, by means of the token (security key that identifies each card) provided by this system, it is possible to charge the customer for reservations or no-shows automatically.

Introduce the service in your system

With the implementation of this new technology created by PaynoPain, a fintech company from which the Paylands payment gateway was born, we want to become the largest provider of tokenisation services for booking engines, Channel Managers and PMS in Spain. We also offer hotels different methods of payment with Booking or Expedia virtual cards through their own system, thus eliminating the useless repetition that dataphones represent for hotel companies.


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