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Paylands’ PROXY PCI Service: how PMS and Booking Engines can benefit

27 de January de 2023

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As thousands of users can attest, Paylands is a comprehensive, omni-channel payment gateway that enables simple and secure payment management. Our goal is to guarantee our customers a simple and secure payment process, with no contact with sensitive data and in compliance with PCI DSS and PSD2 regulations.

But there are some sectors such as PMS and Booking Engines that have greater needs, as they need to store and process the payment data of the hotels’ end customers and to be able to do this they need to be PCI certified. However, achieving this certification is a long, tedious and expensive process that can be easily avoided with our PROXY PCI service: we are PCI so you don’t need to be.

Are you a PMS?

If you work with a PMS (Property Management System) technology you will need to comply with PCI DSS regulations and automate all collections. With the PROXY PCI service you can download the bookings from the Channel Managers and receive the cards already tokenised. And with the Paylands payment gateway you can validate, charge or reserve balances on guests’ cards, both for online and face-to-face transactions.

Are you a Booking Engine?

If you are a Booking Engine you will be interested in tokenising guest cards at the time of booking to ensure that the reversal is not affected. We offer you this service and you will also achieve better chargeback rates for your customers and enough flexibility to adapt the payment flow to all your rates.

In addition, with our PROXY PCI you can send these bookings to any PCI compliant Channel Manager and send all data, including guest card data.

How does the Paylands PROXY PCI work?

Our PROXY PCI sits between the booking engine and the Channel Manager or payment processor, storing sensitive data so you can comply with PCI DSS.

What does Paylands offer your customers?

– PCI-DSS and PSD2 compliance

– Card tokenisation

– Automated collection management

– 3D Secure Double Authentication (SCA)

– Automated or one-click collections

– Greater efficiency and internal security



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    Paylands es una pasarela de pagos integral y omnicanal que ofrece a nuestros clientes una interfaz adaptable, segura y rápida. Nuestro objetivo es garantizar una experiencia de usuario ágil e intuitiva, para que el proceso de pago sea sencillo y rápido desde cualquier dispositivo.

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