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What commissions does a virtual POS have?

27 de January de 2023

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One of the most common doubts when you start setting up an online store are the costs and commissions that it will involve. And, of course, it is very important to know them to be able to correctly calculate the fixed and variable costs of the business. For this reason we want to help you understand the commissions that a virtual POS and a payment gateway have, since these are data that are not always easy to obtain due to their variability.

The first step is to understand how the online payment process works, because the virtual POS is not the only one involved, we will also need a payment gateway to be able to charge our customers with debit and credit cards. Each of these systems entails its own commissions, but if we work with a good provider, the sum will not necessarily be very high.

Of course, the most practical option will always be to opt for a payment solutions provider such as PaynoPain, which will provide us with both the virtual POS service and the Paylands payment gateway. In this way we will be able to receive all the unified income, unique commission collections and a single customer service to solve any problem that may arise.

Virtual POS and payment gateway service commissions

The reason why it is difficult to find pricing figures on payment solution provider websites is that it largely depends on the type of business, sales volume and other factors. For the same reason we can’t give a figure that will work for any online store now either, but we can explain what kind of fees a virtual POS and a payment gateway have, to make it easier to choose a payment service provider with fair prices:

  • Set-up or installation fee: some payment providers charge an initial set-up or installation fee for the virtual POS, however we do not charge this at Paylands. It is important to inquire about this before making a decision.
  • Monthly maintenance fee: there are also providers that charge a monthly service maintenance fee. This is not the case with Paylands and is also a question to consider when purchasing services.
  • Fixed commission or percentage of revenue: this is the commission that all payment providers will charge you, but the price may vary greatly from one to another. This commission can be fixed monthly or variable according to sales or, many times, both. The price of this commission will vary greatly depending on the volume of turnover and the type of business, the more you sell and the lower the risk involved, the lower the commissions.

In PaynoPain we charge fair commissions and adapted to each client, for that reason it is necessary to study each case to make a budget that suits the situation and the needs of the company. Contact us so that our commercial team can make a study and a personalized budget, always without obligation.

  • Extra costs: there are services and functionalities that will not always be included in the base commission, as they represent an extra over the usual service. The most exclusive payment tools for special businesses may have a special commission, especially if they involve the collaboration of external providers, as could be the case of payment with Bizum.
  • Rolling reserve (guarantee deposit): in this case it is not an expense but a mandatory deposit in some cases for the guarantee of all parties, depending on the volume of turnover and the level of risk of the business. A percentage is set aside daily in this deposit and, if there are no incidents, it is returned at the end of the stipulated period.

We hope we have helped you to better understand the commissions that we can find when contracting a virtual POS and a payment gateway. Not all providers are going to offer the same tools and functionalities nor are they going to charge the same, for this reason it is important to be well informed before choosing an option.

You can contact us without obligation to learn more about what Paylands offers to your company and our sales team will prepare a personalized quote for you:


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