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4 steps to attract more customers to your e-commerce and get more sales online

27 de January de 2023

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Whether customer traffic and online sales are going well or not, running an e-commerce business means constantly thinking of ways to improve your results and working to ensure that your online shop has many years of success ahead of it.

Every type of business has its own peculiarities and strategies for attracting customers and improving online sales, however there are 4 basic steps that should never be overlooked and will work whatever your sector. Take note!

Research the interests of your target audience

Every type of product has its audience and, with competition now in virtually every business sector, it is more important than ever to identify exactly what type of people tend to prefer your products.

You can do this by using statistics tools such as Google Analytics (free) and expanding information with a small survey in the purchase form (gender, age, channel through which they have come to your e-commerce, etc.) But be careful, long forms tend to encourage abandonment of the purchase process.

Once you have identified your target audience, you will have to “get into the skin” of these people and adapt all communication to their preferences so that they feel identified with your products or services.

Don’t leave the blog and social media aside (not even in summer).

We have already talked many times about the importance of having an active blog and working the social networks to sell more online. But the truth is that it is very, very important for your potential customers to find your e-commerce and start the buying process.

Talking about your products and topics that interest your target audience in a blog will allow you to position your online shop in a good Google search result. The more posts your blog has, the more keywords you will appear in those searches and the more traffic you will get to your website. It’s as simple and effective as that.

On the other hand, social networks are a direct communication channel with your target audience, a space where you can announce offers, new products and competitions, but also where you can learn from your customers’ preferences in order to renew your website and your products. And all this for free, isn’t it worth taking advantage of it?

SEM and email marketing campaigns

These marketing strategies will help you both to attract new customers and to reconnect with previous visitors or customers. Of course: this is the only step that will almost certainly require some monetary investment, although the investment range is very wide, so the strategy can be adapted to the economic capacity of each case perfectly.

While you are waiting for your blog posts to reach the top positions on Google, you can get a head start on the process by using Google Ads. This tool allows you to place ads on the search engine, so that when a user searches for a product, you appear in the first positions with your ad and with the text of your choice. Delimiting well the target audience, the search words and the ad text of the campaign will allow you to get good results with a low investment. But this is a continuous process of trial and error, so be patient and get to work!

Email marketing, on the other hand, allows you to send communications directly to the email addresses of your blog subscribers or previous customers. This way you can send offers, new products or information of value to your target audience. There are only two things to keep in mind: send only information that the recipient will appreciate (and a maximum of 1 weekly sending) and make it easy to reach your e-commerce from the email itself through links and highly visible buttons.

Offer a discount on the first purchase

Finally, we find a strategy that is very fashionable and that offers very good results: discounts on the first purchase. This usually goes hand in hand with asking for a subscription to the blog in exchange for the discount, so that you can create a good database of potential customers for future e-mail marketing strategies.

Keep in mind that it must be a good discount to be effective, 5% or less will have worse results than 10% or more, although this will depend on the type of product or service being sold. It is also interesting to put a time limit on the use of the discount to ensure that the potential customer will use it and become a customer. A month can be a reasonable period of time.

These strategies will allow you to attract traffic from potential customers and improve the online sales of your e-commerce. The next step will be to build customer loyalty and convert sales into recurring sales and for that, having a good payment gateway like Paylands will help you a lot.

Do you want to change your payment gateway to one that will help you build customer loyalty?

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