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6 ways to sell more in your ecommerce Christmas campaign

27 de January de 2023

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Between November and December the vast majority of Christmas campaign sales take place, and this campaign has gradually moved to the online environment, to the point that last year Christmas shipments accounted for 17% of the year (according to Packlink data). For this reason, every year it is more important to put the batteries and find new ways to sell more in the Christmas campaign of our ecommerce.

To achieve this, today we bring you 6 basic recommendations to sell more at this important time for your ecommerce. But be careful, if you want to take advantage of these tips in this year’s Christmas campaign… it’s now or never!

1. Appeal to the Christmas feeling by dressing your website for the occasion

Whatever your product or service, if you decorate your online store with banners, images and Christmas details, you will be sending the message that your products are the perfect gift for this season. Remember that your website is the showcase of your store.

2. Follow trends and listen to your customers

Knowing what your customer will want to buy and under what conditions they want to buy it is essential to win the Christmas gift race. Having a current product catalog and offering the perfect sales conditions for them will allow you to improve conversion.

3. Offer a quick and easy checkout process

From the moment a customer arrives on your website, everything should be focused on facilitating the ultimate goal: the sale. The website should be easy to use and very informative, but above all you should focus on achieving a payment process that involves few steps, that generates trust and that is really simple. Abandoned shopping carts reach figures of up to 70% and this is what we must combat.

4. Be flexible in the payment method

Today there are many payment methods that go beyond the debit or credit card and cash on delivery. And, although the card is still the favorite, more and more users are opting for alternative payment methods such as Bizum or cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and others), as well as other popular systems in other countries such as Sofort, Trustly, iDEAL… Depending on your target audience, you should choose to include one or the other, but the truth is that the more options you offer, the better.

5. Offer security and trust

Not feeling secure is one of the biggest obstacles to buying online, especially for people who are less used to using this channel. The user must perceive that he is in a secure website, especially when entering his payment details, for this reason it is highly recommended to choose a payment process that is integrated within the site itself and include all the current security measures, such as 3DSecure, which facilitates compliance with the European PSD2 standard.

Paylands is the ideal payment gateway to maximize sales results in the Christmas campaign, as it is easily integrated into the different eCommerce platforms and creates a complete, secure, simple and fast payment process, meeting all the requirements to maximize sales and achieve satisfied and loyal customers.


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