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Does your hotel or tourism company need a specialised payment gateway?

27 de January de 2023

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For hotels and businesses in the travel and tourism sector, handling chargebacks and refunds, system failures, ineffective technical support and fraud can be a real problem. These situations can increase the number of dissatisfied customers and the problem will always be the same: a non-specialised payment gateway and an online payment provider not prepared to deal with these situations.

Many of these setbacks are caused by a lack of automation in the payment system. Many hotels and companies in the tourism sector do not comply with the current PCI DSS card processing regulations (they ensure the protection of private information and financial data) and continue to use manual processes to complete transactions. This is why it is important to switch as soon as possible to a suitable, innovative and convenient payment gateway that automatically protects customers’ personal data.

Keys to a specialised payment gateway for hotels and tourism companies

Companies in the hotel and tourism sector do not need to carry out this implementation on their own. At PaynoPain we have created Paylands, a payment gateway perfect for this type of business, which is based on tokenisation and facilitates PCI compliance. But also…


Anti-fraud interface.

This is the anti-fraud tool most valued by customers. You will be able to control the security levels that each buyer must pass according to their profile and risk level.

Dynamic Currency Conversion.

The implementation of Paylands’ DCC is a really convenient advantage for end customers, as they can pay in different currencies, which is very convenient for international purchases.


Tokenised payments and 3D Secure.

This is one of the most interesting advantages for hotels and tourism companies. A numerical series (token) is automatically assigned to the customer’s private data. In this way, every time a customer makes a payment using the tokenisation service, a token is sent that replaces the confidential data, thus avoiding all opportunities for fraudulent use of the data. And if we add 3D Secure double authentication, the chances of fraud are reduced to a minimum.

One-click refunds.

With Paylands you can forget about this problem. It is possible to withdraw money from the customer’s own debit or credit card – quick and easy for both parties.

24/7 customer service and technical support.

Close, efficient and fast, so you don’t have to worry about any setbacks.

Constant updates and testing.

At Paylands we constantly test the system and carry out very frequent system updates to meet the demands of our customers.


The PaynoPain team of developers are very aware of the technical needs of our customers and we strive every day to meet them. Every day we work with great enthusiasm to continue making Paylands the best payment gateway for all the hotels and tourism companies that already trust us.

Contact us for more information and you will be able to implement our payment platform in a very short time.


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