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High-risk business? How to find a payment gateway

27 de January de 2023

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If you have an online business that has been classified as a high-risk business, it is very likely that you will struggle to find a payment gateway that will accept to service you or, if they have found one, they will ask you for unreasonable fees. This is because servicing your business means taking on risk for your online payment provider, either because your type of business has a high chargeback ratio, or because it is classified as a high-risk industry, or for other reasons.

In any case, if this is your case, it is very likely that several companies have rejected your service request or that you are looking for an alternative to your current provider, so we would like to explain why Paylands payment gateway may be the solution you were looking for.

1. Specialists in gambling/casinos/online gaming, cryptocurrency exchanges, travel agencies, hotels and more.

There are several business areas considered high risk that we specialise in at PaynoPain and which we service with our Paylands payment gateway. Working with major companies in these sectors has given us the experience necessary to offer a service tailored to their needs.

2. Best in class security and anti-fraud measures

If your business is at high risk of fraud and fraudulent chargebacks, Paylands is your payment gateway. Our cutting-edge security measures such as 3D Secure or our own customisable anti-fraud system offer maximum security against fraudulent chargebacks, minimising the risk of your business suffering from them.

3. Close and efficient support service

At PaynoPain we value the peace of mind and trust of our customers, which is why one of our top priorities is to offer an efficient support service. Therefore, if you start working with us, any problem that arises in your business related to the online payment process will be handled with the utmost professionalism.

4. Fair commissions

Find out about the fees for providing payment gateway services to your online business, whether it is high-risk or not. Do not hesitate, you will be surprised by the quality-price ratio of Paylands.

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