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How to have a dataphone on your mobile

How to have a dataphone on your mobile: the final guide

28 de July de 2023

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How can your mobile phone function as a dataphone?

In an increasingly digitalised world, adapting to new payment methods and customer needs becomes crucial for businesses to ensure success and competitiveness.

One of the most recent and prominent trends is Tap to Pay, also known as tap on phone, tap to phone or softpos, a solution that turns a mobile phone into a dataphone. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to transform your phone into a payment tool. This system allows merchants to accept payments quickly and securely through mobile devices, without the need to use traditional dataphones. This alternative can eliminate coverage problems, problems with tickets or the tpv battery. 

In this article we will explain in detail how to use your mobile as a dataphone with Tap to Pay, the latest trend that has become indispensable for businesses looking to be at the forefront of payment technology. We will discover its benefits, features and how to implement this solution to optimise the shopping experience and boost the growth of your business.


Advantages of having a dataphone on your mobile phone

Absolute mobility, total comfort

One of the great advantages of saying goodbye to the traditional dataphones is as simple as not having to carry around a POS device, which can often be heavy and another piece of junk to keep an eye on. Just your mobile phone will be more than enough. 

For example, businesses dedicated to the restaurant industry often have large peaks of traffic and need to charge their customers quickly, but they cannot have many POS terminals because of their high cost. However, with Tap to Pay, waiters and waitresses can carry their own mobile phones with them and charge customers in a faster and more convenient way.

In addition, Tap to Pay has other advantages: you don’t have to worry about coverage and battery life, as mobile phones have a much better connection and greater autonomy than a traditional dataphone.

You also don’t need to worry about your POS having paper to print tickets. Now you can send them directly to your customers via email or by scanning a QR code, a cheaper and more sustainable alternative.

Lower costs and lower fees

Tap to Pay means savings. By not needing to hire additional dataphones, they can take advantage of the devices they already own, which means less expense for merchants. In addition, the dataphone maintenance fees are also eliminated. This can be a great ally for people who are starting out as freelancers or small companies launching their businesses. All they need is a tablet or smartphone, which can easily be converted into a mobile POS. 

In addition, the application is quick and easy to set up and activate, allowing merchants to start accepting payments quickly. The result is a cost-effective solution that simplifies transactions and improves a company’s financial efficiency by reducing operational costs.

Easy installation and activation

To use your mobile phone as a dataphone, all you have to do is download the app from the Google Store and start the registration process. This process involves filling in a form and verifying this data to find out the type of business that will use our services. Once the process has been approved, you will be able to log in with the data you have registered and you will have a dataphone on your mobile phone.


As you will have seen, it is a very simple activation system, which only takes a few minutes. 


What kind of businesses could use a mobile phone as a dataphone? 

Tap to Pay is a versatile payment solution that can be used by all types of businesses as it can be easily adapted to any situation. Whether they are large or small businesses that need mobility and convenience for their payments or additional devices for one-off events, Tap to Pay is a versatile payment solution that can be used by all types of businesses.

Some examples of the sectors and businesses that can benefit from Tap to Pay are:

  • Small businesses

Small local shops are some of the main businesses that can use this new payment system. Tap to Pay allows them to streamline the payment process and offer a faster shopping experience for merchants and customers. Customers will be able to pay by card, via mobile with their wallet app or through other devices such as smartwatches.

  • Restaurants, bars and cafés

Hospitality is one of the main sectors that Tap to Pay is focused on, as they can benefit from the speed and convenience of having a mobile POS, allowing customers to make payments quickly and contactless. In this way, diners will not have to wait in long queues to pay and the flow of customers will be streamlined. 

  • Catering and event management companies

Event companies constantly need to travel to different locations and are often faced with last minute unforeseen events. By having a dataphone directly on their mobile phone, they no longer have to worry if a client needs their services for more hours or an extra that was not foreseen in the budget and they need to charge them. They also don’t have to carry an additional physical POS, in addition to all the material they carry for the event. By having a dataphone on the phone, all payments are streamlined. Set-up and dismantling companies, entertainers, photographers, caterers, music groups, are just some of the examples that can use Tap to Pay

  • Home delivery services

Businesses offering food delivery services, online shopping, courier services, among others, can use Tap to Pay to have a mobile dataphone and receive payments efficiently and securely. 

Imagine you run a food delivery company. A customer places an order and, upon delivery, decides to pay in cash. However, he doesn’t have the exact right amount of money and only has large notes, or what he has in cash is not enough. With Tap to Pay, the customer can make the exact payment with his card or mobile phone. This avoids exchange problems and speeds up the delivery process, providing a more satisfying experience for both the customer and the delivery person.

  • Professional services

Imagine you are a freelancer, such as a plumber, electrician or locksmith, and you have completed a job for a client. When it’s time to collect payment, you discover that the customer doesn’t have enough cash. With Tap to Pay, you can offer them the option of paying by card or using a digital payment method. This avoids problems with lack of change and streamlines the payment process, providing convenience for both you and the customer. Plus, by keeping everything digital, you reduce the risk of lost or stolen cash.

You offer an outstanding service, your customer pays with Tap to Pay and you can go on to your next customer. It’s as simple as that!

  • Aesthetic clinics and hairdressing salons

Professional hair stylists, beauty salons, massage therapists, physiotherapists and make-up artists are just some of the professions that can benefit from the advantages and convenience of Tap to Pay.  Clients will not be obliged to pay in cash, the professional will not be obliged to give change back, so both can enjoy a secure, fast and hassle-free payment experience.

  • Events, fairs and festivals

How many times have you been to a festival or fair and found that there is a huge queue to order food? Tap to Pay is ideal for temporary events, fairs and festivals, as it allows merchants to accept payments quickly and without the need for a fixed point of sale infrastructure. This streamlines the payment process, avoids long queues and improves the overall event experience. 

  • Public transport and taxis

Public transport companies, taxi services and other mobility services can implement Tap To Pay to offer a contactless payment option to their users. If you are a taxi driver who has taken a passenger to their destination and they realise they don’t have enough cash to pay for the journey, with Tap To Pay you will have a dataphone on your mobile and your customer can pay without a problem and without having to look for a cash machine or worry about change.


As you may have seen, Tap to Pay is a payment solution that fits all types of merchants. While we’ve mentioned a few examples, the reality is that any business looking to offer a modern, fast and secure payment experience can take advantage of Tap to Pay. Whether you’re a freelancer or a small or medium-sized business, you can turn your phone into a dataphone and start accepting contactless payments.


What do you need to get it? Steps to turn your mobile phone into a dataphone:

One of the main advantages of Tap to Pay by Paylands is that it does not require a large technical deployment to start managing your payments. Below, we tell you all the details about the main requirements to use your mobile phone as a dataphone and the process you have to follow.


1. Check that it is an NFC-enabled Android phone

In order to turn your mobile phone into a dataphone with Tap to Pay, you need to check that your phone is Android and running version 8 or higher. For Apple users, Tap to Pay is expected to be available for their mobile devices from the end of 2023 in Europe.

Additionally, another requirement for turning your mobile phone into a dataphone is that the phone must have integrated NFC or Near Field Communication technology.  This is a technology that most mobile phones already have built-in and that allows data to be exchanged between devices when they are physically close to each other, within a few centimetres of each other.

To check if your phone has NFC, look in the settings or configuration section, the connections or networks and Internet section and within those sections look for the NFC option. If you can’t find it there, another option is to check your phone manufacturer’s website for more information about your device.

2. Install the app

Once you have verified that you have a compatible mobile device, all you have to do is download and install the app on your mobile. 

3. Configure the application

To set up the application, you must enter the email address you used to register with Tap to Pay, log in, set a password and that’s it. From now on you can launch the application whenever you want to make a payment to your customers. All you have to do is enter the amount of the transaction, bring a mobile phone or card and the payment will be made. 


Turn your mobile into a dataphone and boost your business 

To summarize, Tap to Pay by Paylands is an innovative solution that revolutionises the way payments are made in business. With its contactless technology and ease of use, it enables merchants to offer a modern, fast and secure payment experience. From retail shops to home services and events, Tap to Pay fits a wide variety of businesses.

If you are interested in finding out how this solution can benefit your company and improve your customers’ experience, we invite you to complete the contact form. Our team will be happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. 

Fill out the form and start enjoying the benefits of Tap to Pay today!


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