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Paylands payment gateway: 4 steps to implement it on your website

27 de January de 2023

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Either because you have created a new e-commerce or because you are tired of high fees and bad service, the point is that you have decided to change your payment gateway and you have discovered that Paylands is the best option on the market. You have already completed the first and most important step to start working with the most complete, economical and easy to use payment platform, you only have a few more to go and you can start saving commissions and time. Shall we see?

1. Plugin installation

We will start by downloading and installing the payment gateway plugin we need depending on the e-commerce platform we work with, which will usually be WooCommerce, Magento or Prestashop. You can download it here. On the same page you will find the installation manual.

2. Data for integration

Contact us at and we will provide you with the address of the administration panel as well as your username and password so that you can set up the connection between your website and the Paylands server. In the instructions document we have seen above you will find what each option of the panel is for.

3. Testing in sandbox mode

To check that everything is working correctly, all you have to do is select sandbox mode and run tests in this secure environment. To interpret the results of the operations we perform we can once again refer to the instruction manual of your plugin, remember that it is on this page.

4. Moving to production

Once all the tests have been validated, it is time to request new credentials at to go into production and start processing real payments.

And so, in less than 24/48 hours, you can have the Paylands payment gateway implemented on your website and you will be able to speed up the payment of your customers, with the consequent improvements in sales results, save on commissions and have at your disposal an attentive and responsive technical team.



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