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Is your payment gateway secure? 5 keys to check it

27 de January de 2023

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If you have never had any security problems with your online shop, you may think that your payment gateway is completely secure, but the truth is that this may simply be due to the fact that you have not suffered any malicious attacks or phishing attempts. To check that your payment gateway is really secure, we recommend that you confirm that it complies with the requirements that we are going to explain to you so that they are easy to identify and understand:


1. Comply with PCI DSS regulations

This point is not only very important from a security point of view, but it is also essential from a legal point of view. Any company that handles and stores sensitive financial data must comply with the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). And what is sensitive financial data? The information that your online customers enter into your payment gateway, such as their credit card details. This standard is updated regularly, so your provider must be able to prove to you that it is always compliant with the latest version.


2. Work with the 3D Secure protocol

Currently, the 3D Secure protocol is the simplest and safest way to prevent fraud and identity theft when shopping online. In addition to the payment information, this protocol asks online customers for other information to confirm the identity of the cardholder, such as a code sent by text message or a number of the card’s coordinates. It is therefore highly recommended that your payment gateway works with the 3D Secure system.


3. Tokenise sensitive information

Tokenisation has become the most secure and cost-effective solution to fully protect customer payment information from malicious attacks. This is achieved by transforming sensitive data into a token, a series of numbers that have no meaning and are not reversible if they fall into the wrong hands. By handling tokens instead of the actual payment information, the process becomes completely secure and allows reducing the scope of PCI compliance by significantly reducing the number of systems that have access to the actual sensitive data.


4. Have an anti-fraud system in place

So far we have seen the basic security requirements that an online payment gateway must meet, but there are other requirements that minimise the risk even further. At Paylands we are committed to offering our own anti-fraud system based on big data, so that it is continuously improved to always offer our customers an optimised level of security. This is a system of dynamic risk rules, a tool that allows us to establish action parameters that report suspicious activity. These parameters can be easily customised for each online shop and change as we learn from previous experiences. In short, a personalised security guarantee.


5. The ability to create blacklists and whitelists

Finally, it is worth emphasising that this extra security system is particularly suitable for businesses that deal with a large number of transactions and recurring customers. By creating blacklists we can add difficulty and steps to the payment process for those customers who present a suspicious profile, while with whitelists we facilitate the process for the most loyal and secure customers. By assigning different permissions to different types of customers we optimise the security of the site and the checkout process.

Would you like your payment gateway to have all these security systems but you are not sure if it does? Find out how to switch to Paylands and discover how to start working with the most secure payment gateway, with the lowest fees and the easiest implementation process. Contact us.


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