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The best products to sell online in 2020

27 de January de 2023

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Today many people are considering taking the plunge and starting to sell online, but they are not the first to do so, far from it. For some time now, the competition when it comes to selling on the Internet has been voracious, as many have discovered that this is the sales method that will predominate in the near future and want to take advantage of the opportunity.

And if you are in the case of wanting to set up an online store, you are probably studying which are the best products to sell online for 2020. And you’re right, because the type of product you choose to sell will largely determine the success of your eCommerce, so we advise you to do as much research as you can.

At the moment, from Paylands we want to do our bit and we want to introduce you to 4 market niches that we have identified that have an upward trend in demand and from which you can choose a large number of products to sell:

Zero waste and sustainable products

With the climate emergency we are experiencing, one of the focuses is on the reduction of single-use products and materials, especially plastic. This is why there is a strong trend to buy zero waste and sustainable products that can replace single-use shopping bags, fruit bags, straws, cutlery, etc. and that can be reused infinitely or, at least, for a long time.

Search trend for the keyword “reusable straws”.


Herbal products

It is also easy to perceive a growing concern for personal health and an interest in natural products to promote such health, even though many doctors are beginning to recommend products such as probiotics or vitamin supplements to improve some conditions. It is for this reason that online herbalists or herbalist shops are starting to appear and grow at a fast pace, but as it is a trend that will continue to rise, it is certainly worth taking advantage of it in 2020.

Search trend for the keyword “herbalist”.


Plus size outerwear and underwear

Plus size people (and especially women) have been complaining for many years that there are few brands that manufacture clothing in their size and that those that do exist sell at much higher prices than usual. Possibly this had to do with the fact that it was not economically convenient for companies to create a physical store for such a small niche, however with the popularization of online shopping and being able to reach a much wider territory, profitability has gone up.

Likewise, searches for concepts such as the ones we will see below also continue to rise, so it is a good idea to create an online store to sell plus size products in 2020.

Search trend for the keyword “large bras”.


Vegan products and shoes

Another trend that is clearly perceived to be on the rise is veganism and with this type of products it happens very similar to the previous niche: small towns are not profitable to sell this type of products in a physical store, so vegans and vegans end up resorting to buying online. This is a niche of products to be explored in which some stand out, such as shoes, because there is still very little supply today.

Search trend for the keyword “vegan shoes”.

Virtual POS for ecommerce

And whether you have already found the best products to sell in 2020 or you are still looking for them, a key step when creating your online store will undoubtedly be the virtual POS for ecommerce.



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