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Turn your phone into a dataphone with Tap to Pay by Paylands

17 de July de 2023

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Accept card payments in your business

Small businesses in Spain are in a constant search to meet the needs of consumers, and have discovered in digital payments a perfect ally. In this sense, according to the latest study we conducted on “New habits in payment methods in Spain” from PaynoPain, more than 90% of Spaniards say that the card has become their favorite payment method. This change in payment preferences reflects the growing importance of technology in everyday life and in the commercial sphere, driving companies to adapt and offer digital options to meet market demands.


According to a report from Visa, there has been a notable increase in the acceptance of digital payments by small merchants in Spain. The study reveals that 77% of these establishments now accept digital payments, representing an increase of 11% in just 12 months. The report’s data also highlights the advantages perceived by merchants who opt for card payments. Sixty-six percent of merchants surveyed believe that accepting card payments reduces the risk of non-payment. In addition, 54% have experienced growth in their business since the implementation of this payment option. In addition, almost 7 out of 10 merchants say that card payments increase the value of their transactions.


From PaynoPain, as a fintech company, we continue our commitment to create solutions that make it easier for merchants to make card payments. Recently, we launched Tap to Pay, an alternative that transforms mobile devices into dataphones. Here are some of its main benefits:


Fast and convenient payments

To pay, you simply need to bring your credit card or the corresponding device to the payment reader to carry out the transaction immediately. This system is very similar to what it would be to pay at any traditional dataphone, but with the advantage that it is much more convenient and can be carried with you. It is an agile method that improves your payment experience, which is especially useful in places with a large influx of people such as entrances to sports venues, concerts, festivals or simply to speed up payments in restaurants, bars or cafes, since waiters will always carry it with them and speed up payments.


Greater flexibility

By not needing to carry a physical POS system constantly, it is an ideal alternative for jobs that require travel: food delivery, cab drivers, repair services such as plumbers, electricians, event photographers and a long list of other professions. In addition, it eliminates the need to carry a dataphone and face the usual inconveniences, such as coverage problems or ticket printing, which also makes it a more sustainable solution by not needing to print tickets, customers can simply scan or email it to them.

Versatility: for all types of business

More and more small businesses and entrepreneurs are integrating Tap to Pay technology into their day-to-day business, as it is a versatile and adaptable solution for all types of businesses, from the self-employed to SMEs or multinational companies.


Lower investment

For merchants Tap to Pay means reducing costs by eliminating the need for dataphones and their associated fees. They simply need an Android cell phone with an NFC reader to start accepting payments from their customers with cards, cell phones or smart watches. There is no need to make a large investment in technical equipment up front to be able to start accepting payments.


“The level of digitization in small Spanish commerce is growing steadily. It is being reflected in multiple studies. In this trend of digital payment methods, Tap to Pay is gaining many followers. Not only does it benefit small businesses, but it is extremely useful for customers. It is a way to accept payments in a faster, more convenient and flexible way, which has come to make their lives much easier,” says Jordi Nebot, CEO and co-founder of PaynoPain.

If you need to incorporate Tap to Pay or any other payment solution for your business, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you choose the best solution.



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