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Tap to Pay by Paylands: what is it, how does it work and which businesses can use it?

25 de May de 2023

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Next, we will explain what Tap to Pay by Paylands is and how it works, the advantages it has compared to traditional dataphones and which devices can enable this payment alternative so that you can accept payments with Tap to Pay by Paylands. We will also look at what types of businesses use Tap to Pay, so that you can find out if it is a viable alternative for your business.


What is Tap to Pay by Paylands?


Tap to Pay by Paylands is an innovative solution that allows businesses to receive payments via mobile devices in a simple, contactless way. It also offers a contactless payment experience that is more streamlined and convenient, eliminating the need for hassle-prone traditional dataphones.

With Tap to Pay, any Android mobile phone with NFC technology can accept payments without requiring additional devices. It is a true revolution in cashless payments, ideal for all types of businesses, from small to medium-sized, in any sector. It is especially beneficial for businesses that require mobility and frequent travel.


How does Tap to Pay by Paylands work?

Tap to Pay by Paylands works very simply: the first step is to have an NFC-enabled mobile device, the vast majority of mobile phones launched after the pandemic already have this technology built in. Then you download the app from the Play Store and install it on your mobile device and proceed to register.

To make the payments, you simply enter the amount of money you want to collect and the customer brings their card or wallet to your mobile device. At the end, you will receive a confirmation on your screen that the transaction has been successfully completed.


Advantages of using Tap to Pay by Paylands

Tap to Pay is a payment method that is gaining ground in the world of business and shopping, especially in the context of digital transformation. Moreover, with the growing popularity of this method, more and more establishments are joining this trend to offer a more seamless and satisfying shopping experience to their customers.

Below, we are going to explain some of the main advantages of Tap to Pay and how it can become the ideal payment solution for your business.


Simple activation

The sign-up process for Tap to Pay by Paylands is very simple, making it an ideal solution for efficiently accepting payments in your business. The start-up requirements and technology investment are minimal, as no additional devices are required, allowing users to make transactions quickly.


Lower your business costs

By using a mobile POS, businesses can minimise their costs by eliminating the need to hire an external POS. Instead, they only need a tablet or smartphone, which can be easily converted into a mobile POS. This means that the investment is limited to configuring the application so that the device can function as a card reader, significantly reducing costs for the business.


Expanding payment alternatives

Offering a variety of payment methods allows movers to stand out from the competition. According to the survey we conducted at PaynoPain on “New trends in payment methods in Spain”, 77% of customers value positively that merchants offer a wide range of payment options.

Offering different payment methods not only satisfies customers’ preferences, but also makes it easier and more convenient for them to make transactions. From contactless to mobile payments, each additional option contributes to a more complete and engaging shopping experience.


Increased convenience

Tap to Pay by Paylands offers an ideal solution for professionals who provide home moving services, such as plumbers, food delivery drivers, taxi drivers and others. It eliminates the need to carry a traditional dataphone and face the usual inconveniences, such as coverage problems or ticket printing.

In addition, it also offers greater convenience to customers by allowing them to make payments using their mobile phone or credit card instead of cash or other payment methods. With Tap to Pay, professionals and customers experience a more convenient and hassle-free payment experience, facilitating transactions and improving overall satisfaction.


Types of businesses using Tap to Pay by Paylands


Tap to Pay by Paylands is a solution that fits hundreds of business types, no matter what industry you are in. However, our solution is ideal for small businesses and freelancers. For people who want to make payments, we’ll tell you about some of the most common ones:


Payments for SMEs

If you have a small or medium-sized business in Spain, you should know that it is the European country where contactless payments have grown the most compared to other European countries. Consumers prefer to pay through any contactless system, whether it is a card, a mobile device or a smart device such as a watch.

That’s why we recommend that your business accepts contactless payments. With Tap to Pay by Paylands, in addition to accepting contactless payments, you can do it through your mobile device, easily and quickly.


Payments for cafes and restaurants

Tap to Pay also offers numerous advantages for hospitality establishments such as cafés and restaurants. It is a solution that enables payments to be made in a streamlined manner, reducing waiting time and speeding up the flow of customers. It also provides greater convenience for customers, as they can easily make payments using their contactless cards and a mobile device.

Tap to Pay by Paylands could be the payment solution you need for your restaurant this summer. In addition to facilitating payments in your establishment, it is a more cost-effective and flexible payment alternative for the hospitality industry because it eliminates the need to invest in additional hardware.


Payments for taxis

If you are a taxi driver in Spain, it is highly recommended that you accept card payments, as the vast majority of passengers do not usually carry cash on them or do not carry large amounts. According to the latest study by the Bank of Spain on the use of cash in Spain, 72.7% of the population carry no more than 5 coins on them, which is usually no more than 5 euros.

With Tap to Pay by Paylands, you will now be able to charge your customers through your own mobile phone, you won’t need a dataphone that runs out of battery at the least expected moment, you will avoid connection problems and problems with the printing of tickets.


Payments for moving companies

If you are a moving company, the last thing on your mind should be the payment of your customers. With Tap to Pay by Paylands you don’t have to worry about that anymore, as it is an alternative that offers greater convenience for both customers and movers, eliminating the need to count and handle cash.

This solution also allows for more accurate tracking of transactions, facilitating financial management and revenue control. With Tap to Pay, movers can improve the customer experience, increase efficiency and provide a more modern and convenient service.


Payments for hairdressers and beauty clinics

If you run a business in the beauty and wellness sector, you’ll know that there are many occasions when clients request your services in different locations. Whether it’s for a wedding, a communion or a special event, a client may ask you to come to their home to do their hair, make-up and get them ready for their special day.

With Tap to Pay you won’t need anything more than your mobile phone to accept payments. You won’t have to carry a physical dataphone, you can simply charge your clients with your mobile phone in less than 5 seconds: type in the amount of the transaction, have the client bring their card or wallet close to the mobile device and that’s it!


Payments for repairs and technical services at home

If you are a professional home repair professional, such as a plumber, locksmith or a similar activity, where you have to pay your customers for repairs and technical services at home, you will be able to pay your customers in less than a few seconds. In addition, by not having to deal with common dataphone problems, such as lack of coverage or ticket printing, plumbers can concentrate on what they do best: providing quality service to their customers.



Payments for photographers and videographers

Tap to Pay is an excellent solution for photographers, especially those working at events such as weddings, christenings and communions, as it allows them to accept payments quickly and securely, without having to wait for a transfer from their clients afterwards.

By having an NFC reader on their mobile device, photographers can turn their Android phone into a mobile payment terminal, allowing them to accept payments anywhere, anytime. This is especially useful for photographers working at events who have to go to several locations in one day.

In addition, Tap to Pay offers an easy and convenient payment experience for customers, which can help improve customer satisfaction and encourage the recommendation of the photographer to others at similar events.



What devices do I need to use Tap to Pay by Paylands in my business?


One of the main advantages of Tap to Pay is its ease of use, as all you need to accept payments using this option is a mobile phone or device with an NFC reader and an Android operating system. This means that if you already have an Android smartphone, you probably already have the tools you need to start accepting payments using this option.

To do this, you need to activate the NFC function on your device, which will allow it to read the customer’s credit card information. Once this function is activated, the device becomes a mobile payment terminal, allowing transactions to be made quickly and easily.

Importantly, the purchase of an additional dataphone is not required, which translates into cost savings for the business. In addition, not having to carry a dataphone also provides greater convenience and flexibility when making payments.


Accept payments with Tap to Pay by Paylands

Now that you know what Tap to Pay by Paylands is, how it works and the benefits it offers for freelancers and SMEs, you are ready to apply and start implementing it in your business.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and you can start enjoying this contactless payment option right away!



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