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IVR payment solution for call centers

27 de January de 2023

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In certain types of businesses, the volume of calls received throughout the day can be very high, so it is vital to establish a call forwarding system to be able to give full and quality coverage to all incoming calls. This can be easily achieved with an Interactive Voice Response or IVR system, which allows to manage calls but also telephone payments in a more secure way.

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a telephone technology that allows customers to interact with a company’s automated answering system, which through configurable menus can give great coverage to all types of calls in real time. Businesses that receive a large number of calls and need to make payments by phone, such as reservation agencies, telemarketing companies or tarot programs, among others, can use this alternative to reduce costs and improve the customer experience, since payment by phone becomes a solution of maximum security and confidence.

How does IVR payment work and is it PSD2 compliant?

But most importantly: IVR payment eliminates security gaps in your business call center and complies with the European PSD2 payment regulation. Agents do not have access to the card data, as technology is used that allows sensitive card data to be keyed into the phone, thus protecting the information provided. Once the sensitive data has been entered by the customer, it is stored in a highly secure PCI environment and in the form of a token, so that the data provided is completely undecipherable. This interesting payment solution is much more secure, as the sensitive data does not need to be processed by a physical person or the call recorded to endorse the transaction, and it will be mandatory as of 2021.

As soon as the transaction has been successfully completed through the company’s call center, a notification is received advising of the end of the payment and the data of interest to the customer. The IVR charging system is an efficient and cost-effective payment solution for most call centers or telephone businesses, on a par with other innovative payment solutions such as LinkToPay, another system that consists of sending a payment link by e-mail, SMS or any other virtual written channel.

Both IVR and LinkToPay are easily implemented when you start working with Paylands payment gateway and can be up and running in your business in a few hours. A safe and convenient alternative to the usual online payments, as no website is required and they allow you to continue selling remotely, securely and easily.


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