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Five keys to boost restaurant turnover

12 de June de 2023

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Since 2016, Sustainable Gastronomy Day has been commemorated every June 18, an initiative that emerged from the United Nations General Assembly. Its purpose is to raise awareness about new food patterns that promote the well-being of the global population and the preservation of natural resources, in order to build a more sustainable planet. As every year, restaurants and gastronomic establishments take advantage of this occasion to promote sustainable practices in their offer to achieve the maximum economic benefit.

From PaynoPain, as a Spanish technology company specializing in the development of online payment tools, we present five keys that can help boost the turnover of a restaurant on these dates and how technology and digitization can help gastronomic establishments to build a more sustainable planet.

Integrate digital payment methods

Paying by credit or debit card or through other digital payment methods (Bizum, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.) are some of customers’ favorite payment options. Therefore, it is essential for restaurants to have a payment gateway such as Paylands, which is adaptable, secure and fast. It is an ideal payment gateway for restaurants that features the most popular payment methods on the market. In addition, with Paylands, restaurants will offer a streamlined and intuitive payment experience to simplify the payment process from all devices, reducing waiting times.

Incorporate loyalty programs

Including these tools will help restaurants gather valuable information to understand customer behavior and habits. This can be used to personalize offers and promotions, thereby increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. In addition, measures such as this encourage customers to return more frequently to the restaurant and encourage spending. For example, if a restaurant awards points for every purchase, it will keep customers coming back to accumulate points and redeem rewards.

Offer more efficient services

Making customers leave satisfied will help increase turnover and the likelihood that they will recommend the restaurant to others. Efficient service will improve their experience and shorten wait times. This will increase table turnover and make it possible to serve more customers in the same period of time. To this end, it is more than advisable to go for the option of taking orders online or through mobile devices (QR codes) to be more efficient. In fact, customers can order dishes before arriving at the restaurant, and employees will be able to prepare them in plenty of time, which reduces the margin of error and makes customers feel more comfortable.

Tap to Pay, the latest in digital payments for SMBs

Nothing annoys customers more than having to wait for a long time to pay their bill once they have finished eating. So, new alternatives have emerged that turn phones into dataphones, allowing payments to be accepted directly with the cell phone. Incorporating new options such as Tap to Pay will increase the speed of the service and adapt to the needs of customers, thus boosting purchases. In addition, being a fully digital alternative, it offers multiple advantages. The customer will be able to receive his ticket via email, the restaurant will not have to worry about printing the ticket and will not generate more waste, thus contributing to sustainability objectives.

Include special offers and promotions

Offering discounts on a certain day of the week or special menus can attract new customers, encourage loyalty and increase average spend. For example, creating traditions such as Pizza Thursdays can help create a routine among consumers and a demand that previously did not exist. To celebrate Sustainable Gastronomy Day, restaurants can create menus with 0 km products, include vegan or vegetarian alternatives in their menus that help contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint, etc.

“Sustainable Gastronomy Day is a fantastic opportunity for bars and restaurants to promote sustainable practices and increase their turnover. From PaynoPain we provide them with our best payment technologies to be able to offer a personalized payment experience tailored to the current needs of consumers,” says Jordi Nebot, CEO and co-founder of PaynoPain.

Restaurant payments

If you need to incorporate a payment solution for your restaurant or gastronomic establishment, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you choose the best solution.



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