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Tap to Pay, the latest trend in digital payments for restaurants

8 de November de 2023

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Mobile dataphone for restaurants

In today’s world, customer satisfaction stands as a fundamental pillar in the hospitality industry. One aspect that never ceases to concern diners is the time that elapses between finishing their meal and settling the bill. Long waits can lead to dissatisfaction and, therefore, affect the customer’s experience.

It is in this context that new innovative solutions have emerged to make it easier for businesses to manage payments. Tap to Pay is an alternative that converts cell phones into dataphones, allowing card and wallet payments to be accepted without having to use a traditional dataphone. In this way, the payment process is streamlined and becomes much faster and simpler. We tell you everything you need to know about this new solution, how to use it and its main advantages for the hospitality sector.

Accepting card payments, a must

According to a recent report by the Bank of Spain, card payments at point-of-sale (POS) terminals increased by 21.1% in 2022 compared to the previous year, reaching an all-time high of 7.39 billion transactions.

The data collected in the latest report on “New habits in payment methods in Spain 2023” that we conducted from PaynoPain, expose that the use of cell phones to make payments has reached a crucial point in various sectors: 68.5% of consumers prefer this payment method in food and supermarkets, closely followed by hotels and restaurants, with 60.3%. Even fashion and accessories join this trend, with a remarkable 45.7%.

It is clear that Spanish consumers have a clear preference for mobile payments, which joins the growth of card payments in recent years. Accepting card payments is no longer just an additional value, but a necessity for businesses.

The mobile dataphone: the alternative for receiving payments via telephone

Tap to Pay has revolutionized the way payments are received by dispensing with the traditional dataphone. This method is based on the use of smart devices, such as smartphones, to perform the functions of a tpv. Currently, the vast majority of Android smartphones can already enjoy Tap to Pay, since they only need to have NFC technology and install the application. 

However, Tap to Pay in Europe is currently only available on Android mobile devices, although it is expected to be available on iPhones by early 2024.

Table-side payment for restaurants

In the restaurant world, there are always busy times when several customers need to pay at once and want to leave quickly, requiring a solution to streamline the checkout process at multiple tables simultaneously. 

With the Tap to Pay app, restaurateurs are no longer dependent on the number of payment terminals for their wait staff. Now, multiple waiters will be able to charge customers through their own phone, which is much more convenient and lighter than a physical POS, and allows them to generate the bill and process the payment quickly and efficiently. 

In this way, restaurant table management can be improved, increasing the number of customers they can serve and offering them better service.

What are the advantages of Tap to Pay for your restaurant?

Tap to Pay has become an alternative to traditional dataphones, since through an app it allows you to have a dataphone on your cell phone, thus offering a more convenient, simple and economical mobile payment option that allows businesses to:

  • Improve productivity in the collection process and streamline queues. These are key objectives to optimize business efficiency and promote customer turnover.
  • Extend the availability of card payment points during peak periods in the store.
  • Reduce costs associated with the purchase of point-of-sale equipment and mobile devices for the salesperson, as well as maintenance expenses.
  • Improve customer service by freeing employees from the task of being tied to a fixed point of collection, they can interact and better serve customers, providing a more personalized and efficient service.
  • It provides flexibility as it can be adapted to different sales scenarios, whether in the physical store, at outdoor events, at fairs, at the customer’s home or any other place where a transaction takes place.

How to turn a phone into a dataphone with Tap to Pay?

Installing Tap to Pay is simple and fast. It is not necessary to have a specific device for the payment as Tap to Pay works with a mobile application that is installed on any Android smartphone that is equipped with NFC functionality.  Once installed and the registration process is complete, you can start charging your customers through your mobile device. Customers simply need to bring the card or their phone close to the device with the application installed, and that’s it. Once the transaction has been completed, you can send them the ticket by email or through a qr code. In addition, you will also be able to make refunds to your customers in the same way.

With Tap to Pay by Paylands you will be able to charge your customers quickly, easily and conveniently with your cell phone. An ideal payment alternative for both customers and merchants. 

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